Liz Bushong

Try This Simple Valentine’s Dessert That’s as Sweet as Any Love Letter

Valentine’s Day is next week, guys, so I’m sure you want to do something for your sweet cherry pie. And if they’re nowhere to be found, it ain’t against the law to celebrate by yourself while listening to Warrant’s cheesy 1990 rock hit. That’s where this adorable literary dessert comes in, because cherry pie is as classic as a love letter.


Cook and entertainer Liz Bushong created the perfect recipe for those who want to whip up something cute this Valentine’s Day. Her website gives you all the visuals and instructions to make Cherry Pie Love Letters. Look at this!


Cherry Pie Love Letter

 Image Via Liz Bushong


Who needs Russel Stover chocolates when you can have that beaut? Once you have the cherry pie filling, pie crust, and sparkling sugar crystals, you’re pretty much set. Bushong recommends having an actual envelope nearby to use as a guide to make your confection as indistinguishable from the real thing as possible.


Also if you’re not a cherry fan, apple is a good substitute, although the red does look quite festive. It seems like love letters are a thing of the past nowadays, so this idea has an extra bit of charm. If I can’t get a written letter I should at least be able to get an edible one.




Check out her website and recipe here if you want to give your Valentine a love letter sealed with a (cherry) kiss. It’ll taste so good it could make a grown man cry…



Feature Image Via Liz Bushong