Trump Blocked Stephen King From Reading His Tweets

Tuesday, June 13th was a gloomy morning for Stephen King. The award-winning author famous for novels such as “The Shining” and “Carrie” earned himself a ‘prestigious’ place on U.S. President Donald J. Trump‘s blocked list after several months of hilarious mockery. With this realization, Stephen made a disturbing announcement so as to express his disappointment.



For the past few months, Stephen King has often commented on Trump’s inappropriate presidency with a sarcastic tone that drew viewers’ attention.



On one occasion, King even expressed his yearning for the return of Obama.


Amongst the covfefe kerfuffle, King attempted to offer an explanation for something that none of us really understood.

Fortunately, author J.K. Rowling arrived in time to rescue King. In her tweet, she proposed to relay Trump’s future tweets to King so that the author can remain updated with our President. In response to Rowling’s offer, King expressed gratitude and showed a nonchalant attitude towards Trump’s evident dislike of him. At least there’s always Pence right?



Comedian and television host Stephen Colbert also responded to this major disorder on Twitter.


Besides King, Trump has also blocked ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ writer Bess Kalb and even a veteran advocacy group.



Since Trump’s victory, the publishing industry has feared for a declining circulation of free ideas. It is no wonder that well-known writers such as Stephen King and J.K.Rowling who actively advocate for a democratic society would feel outraged when our fundamental right to the freedom of speech has been violated. For more authors’ discussion on Trump and his actions, click here.


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