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Truman Capote’s Missing Chapters Reveal Secrets of NYC Aristocrats

Some things are better left unseen, unread, and completely untraceable. Only stories and word of mouth could lead the way into the abyss of possibilities.


This may be true when it comes to Truman Capote’s unfinished novel Answered Prayers.


Truman Capote and Marilyn Monroe

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Truman Capote’s success after In Cold Blood and Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Three Stories launched him right into literary history as well as the elite social circles of New York City. He spent evenings out in the Hamptons, at lavish city soirees, and at crowded get-togethers that were full of socialites and political figures that Capote took great interest in. Some of these parties inspired the famed party scene in Breakfast At Tiffany’s. He heard so many interesting things that he used the scandals and rumors he picked up to create his new work Answered Prayers.


However, these high class friends of the writer had no clue until it was published. Capote transparently concealed the truth (emphasis on transparently) to make it his fictional feed for obscure characters. One story was even taken from a rumor that involved a New York Governor having a steamy affair that would end in blood-stained sheets. Well, then.


Truman Capote

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In the blink of an eye Capote was outcast from these tight-knit gossip circles and was abandoned by even his closest friends. William Todd Schultz wrote a book about Capote called Tiny Terror: Why Truman Capote (Almost) Wrote Answered Prayers. In it, Schultz posits that Capote’s Answered Prayers was an attempt to escape.


Capote never expected, and did not know how to handle, the immense success that followed In Cold Blood, and that Answered Prayers was, on some level, his way of stopping the ride.


Electric Literature called it an act of desperation. The only problem now is that there are still missing chapters of the controversial work. Capote would frequent many different cities. Some of Capote’s friends claimed to have read the mysterious chapters. Others have a key to a safety deposit box supposedly withholding the chapters that might as well be in another dimension.


Some chapters were recently discovered in 2012, but many are still missing.


Did Capote even write them? Who were they based off of? Were they destroyed? Is Big Foot reading them with some extraterrestrials on an uncharted island?


We have thousands of questions and guesses of where they could be. Secrets and scandals we’ve never even heard about haunt the walls of New York City’s oldest buildings.


Where could those chapters be? That’s one secret we’ll never find out.


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