Truman Capote’s Ashes Auctioned Off

After a long and arduous journey, the remainder of Truman Capote‘s ashes have finally found a home. They were auctioned off for $45,000 after being in posession of Joanne Carson, the now deceased wife of Johnny Carson and long time friend of Truman’s.

If Truman wanted some kind of posterity following his life on earth, then he definitely got it. Following his death in 1984, Capote’s ashes were split between long time friend Joanne Carson, and fellow author Jack Dunphy

After being stolen, then returned, then stolen again, half of the ashes were scattered at Crooked Pond in Long Island.  Now, at long last, Joanne’s portion of the ashes have settled down. 

Some might say all this to-do about his ashes is diminishing of his legacy and overall disrespecctful. Those close to Truman and his friends, however, will have you rest assured, he would have loved it. 

Apparently Truman thoroughly enjoyed his literary celebrity status, and reveled in the limelight. Fellow tradesman, Gore Vidal, upon hearing of Truman’s passing, called it “a wise career move.” Accoring to Julien’s Auctions president, Darren Julien: 

“He loved to create press opportunities and to read his name in the paper. I think he would love it that he’s still grabbing headlines today,” Julien said. “Truman told Joanne that he didn’t want his ashes to sit on a shelf. So this is a different way of honouring his request. It is just furthering the adventures of Truman Capote.”


His Ashes weren’t the only part of him to find a home. Julien’s Auctions also sold perscription pill bottles ($9,280) and the clothes he was wearing when he died ($6,400). 


Featured image courtesy of thefamouspeople