True Crime Books Are On the Rise

There’s no doubt that the true crime and mystery genres have been growing in popularity. From books to TV series to podcasts, this genre is just booming in every way and form it possibly can. There’s just something about the subject matter that awakens our morbidly curiosity, and authors are taking full advantage of this!



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The true crime genre has been on the rise since the beginning of 2018, selling over 1.6 million books in the U.S. alone. In the book world, the genre has been thriving so much that Amazon’s sub-categories are including Biographies and Memoirs of serial killers. One of the fastest selling novels at the moment is CL Swinney’s Robert Black: The True Story of a Child Rapist and Serial Killer from the United Kingdom.


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Ian Rankin, a best elling crime novelist, says:


“Humans are fascinated by evil, we wonder where it comes from and whether we ourselves could ever carry out such an act. Some readers turn to crime fiction for answers, while others prefer true crime. Of course, there is a vicarious frisson for the fan of either – the reader stands at the shoulder of monsters without being endangered.”



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Personally, I think the genre will continue to grow well beyond next year. There are plenty of upcoming novels from new and old authors and they seem to be pretty popular with the people who are able to get ARC copies. Romance novels is the number one best seller, but that might change in the coming years.



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