Moaning Myrtle costume

Trick-or-Treat the Book Worm Way With These 17 Literary Costumes

Get in the Halloween spirit as you look for the costume that will put you in the running for the most creative guest at the party.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the easiest DIY literary Halloween costumes we could find! Get in the Halloween spirit as you look for the costume that will put you in the running for the most creative guest at the party. We’ve got comfy, easy, pretty, and spooky characters to keep you entertained. Have fun! 


1. Effie Trinket – The Hunger Games


Effie Trinket

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This costume is super fun because you get to be eccentric, yet beautiful as Effie Trinket. You can try your hand at interesting and over-the-top makeup, while getting away with an crazy combination of whatever you have in your closet for an easy costume! 



2. Cheshire Cat – Alice in Wonderland


Cheshire Cat

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If you have incredible makeup skills, then this costume is for you! Once that is done, all you really need is cat ears and a combination of whatever pink and purple clothes you have. 



3. Moaning Myrtle – Harry Potter 


Moaning Myrtle

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This costume requires a bit more effort than the others, but is too funny to pass up. You’ll need a toilet seat, a grey sweater, black bottoms, and glasses. Break out your creativity for the makeup, the Ravenclaw patch, and your wittiest comment to write on the seat! 



4. Flapper Party Goers – The Great Gatsby



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This is costume is for the more elegant halloween party you have this season. You can look beautiful and fun in a number of different flapper-esque styles. Be sure to go heavy on the jewelry and hair band accessories! And don’t forget to practice your Roaring Twenties dance moves!



5. Miss Frizzle – The Magic School Bus


Miss Frizzle

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This costume is another easy and fun costume to put together. The Magic School Bus‘s favorite teacher gives us that lovely nostalgic feeling that you should add to your Halloween this year. All you really need is a dress and a bunch of felt to cut out some celestial favorites to put on it! 


6. Max – Where the Wild Things Are


Where the Wild Things Are

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This costume is perfect for your Halloween if your wardrobe highlights one key component – comfort. This costume only requires a comfortable white onesie and a crown of your own making. 



7. Julia – 1984 



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1984 resurfaced as a staple in our society recently and we’ve gotten some Halloween inspiration! You’ll need a blue jumpsuit and something red that could resemble a sash or a belt. Easy as pie. 



8. Madeline – Madeline 



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Everybody’s favorite French orphan from childhood reading makes a for a great and comfortable costume. The staples for this look are a blue dress, a red neck tie, a yellow hat and white gloves. Get creative with your accessories! 



9. Eloise – Eloise 



Image Via The Pink Paper Doll 

Eloise’s famous look includes a black skirt, black suspenders, white knee-high socks, and a white shirt! This is the perfect costume if your dog must accompany you to your Halloween plans.  



10. Augustus Gloop – Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 


Willy Wonka

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If you are one to eat all of your Halloween candy before Halloween, then this costume is for you. This is the perfect excuse to get messy with chocolate for the holiday. All you need is a white and red striped shirt and baggy jeans to roll up! 



11. Emily Elizabeth – Clifford The Big Red Dog



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Here is another comfy, throwback costume from your favorite childhood read. All you need is a pink sweater, a black skirt, and pink and black striped knee-high socks. She was blonde and often seen with a big red dog, but feel free to take some creative license with those things. 



12. Thing One and Thing Two –  The Cat in The Hat 


Thing 1 & 2

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Here’s is another costume for those of you who love to be comfortable at all times. You’ll need a red onesie with red gloves and socks, and that fun blue wig and you’re done! 



12. Nancy Drew – Nancy Drew 


Nancy Drew

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The good thing about Nancy Drew is that she has a number of different looks to pick from. You can get creative with your sweater-skirt-knee-high combo, but be sure to remember the loafers! 



13. Waldo and Wenda – Where’s Waldo 



Image Via Halloween Costumes 

This costume is both cute and comfortable. You can get creative with combinations as long as you have blue on the bottom and red and white on the top! 



14. Mary Poppins – Mary Poppins


Mary Poppins

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Everybody’s dream babysitter makes for an awesome and elegant costume. The umbrella and the hate make the costume of a white shirt and black skirt recognizable. Don’t forget to add the red accent accessories to spice it up! 



15. Professor Trelawney – Harry Potter 



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Professor Trelawney is arguably the most Halloween-y Harry Potter character. This costume is for the creative and eccentric one! The glasses, scarves and crystal ball are a must to add on top of your most eccentric wardrobe options. 


16. Golden Snitch – Harry Potter 


The Golden Snitch

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This costume definitely requires a bit more effort, like painting your whole body gold level of effort. Although in terms of outfits you’ll just need whatever gold things you’d like to wear along with some gold wings and an “I open at the close” sign if you’re feeling particularly crafty. 



17. Dolores Umbridge – Harry Potter 


Dolores Umbridge

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For the spookiest Harry Potter costume you can find, you must be Umbridge. You’ll need to be covered in pink with a wand and big brooches to get the eerie look of one of the most hated Hogwarts professors. 



Feature Image Via Sandy Pines