Travel Back to the First 2 Seasons of ‘Outlander’

If you’ve followed Outlander all the way from the series by Diana Gabaldon to the Starz adaptation, then you’ve got another exciting thing coming! The success of both the series and the TV adaptation have been through the roof. You need to get a glimpse of Jamie and Claire in the series, because you’re missing out. Outlander is a less fantastical Game of Thrones with a combination of time travel, romance, and history. 

A lot goes into making a TV show, especially when it involves creating battle scenes. The Making of Outlander book will be available tomorrow and it captures some of the best behind-the-scene moments from the first two seasons.  

Here’s a sneak peek courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Executive Producer, Maril Davis told Entertainment Weekly, “The true battle [of Prestonpans] happened in quite a bit of fog, and we wanted to recapture that, but we discovered very quickly that with the wind, we couldn’t capture the fog with a smoke machine.” 

Entertainment Weekly says, “Instead, the team constructed a marquee tent, filled it with smoke, and then filmed the entire battle inside.” Davis said, “It was a pretty ingenious idea that saved us in the end, but I mean, it got pretty disgusting with the blood and horses and mud and everything.”



Featured image courtesy of Access Hollywood