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Trailer for Stephen Kings ‘11.22.63’ Adaptation Features James Franco

Stephen King has a rich history of film and TV adaptations. From the terrifying It to coming-of-age classic The Body, King’s work has made its mark on viewers and readers worldwide. Now, an all-star team including J.J. Abrams and James Franco are bringing his 2011 novel 11.22.63 to life. Check out the brand-new teaser trailer for this Hulu miniseries. 

If you haven’t read King’s time-traveling thriller, it follows English teacher Jake Epping, who is sent back in time to prevent the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Franco will play Epping and will be supported by other popular actors, including Chris Cooper, Lucy Fry, Sarah Gradon, and Josh Duhamel. 

The adaptation will be divided into an 8-part miniseries. Avid King fans will be able to stream 11.22.63 exclusively on Hulu when it appropriately launches on President’s Day: February 15, 2016. Will you be streaming this day one? 

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