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Trailer: A New Adaptation of “The Jungle Book” Is Coming Soon and It’s Grim

Rudyard Kipling’s beloved story, The Jungle Book, is returning to the big screen on October 19th with an adaptation that promises to expose the hidden horrors of the jungle.


The Jungle Book is centered around the tale of Mowgli, a young boy raised by a wolf pack, who journeys throughout Indian jungles alongside lovable bear Baloo, while trying to escape the threat of fearsome tiger Shere Khan. Warner Bros. and director Andy Serkis have teamed up to produce Mowgli, a retelling of The Jungle Book which will focus less on cheerful singing and more on the realistic horrors of a child living in the jungle.


The story is one fans know all too well, both in part due to the iconic nature of Kipling’s story as well as Disney’s recent Academy Award-winning adaptation, directed by Jon Favreau, which received universal acclaim and quickly become one of the highest grossing films of all time.


Andy Serkis’ much-anticipated adaption, which is not being produced by Disney, was originally scheduled for release in the Fall of 2016, however due to production time limits and the massive success of Disney’s 2016 adaptation, it was pushed back to the Fall of this year. Though audiences will likely compare the two versions, and let’s be honest Serkis’ version has a lot to live up to, the darker direction that this adaptation promises to explore will offer a refreshing and unique take.


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Mowgli will hit theaters on October 19th 2018!



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