Tracing the Marlowe / Shakespeare Saga

The recent announcement that Christopher Marlowe would be credited as the co-author for the three Henry IV plays by Shakespeare has sent shockwaves throughout the literary world. Although most of the conspiracy theories surrounding the Bard’s work and the authenticity of its authorship have been long debunked, the relationship Marlowe shared with Shakespeare and his influence on the plays he produced is still a matter of intrigue. This development in the mystery of Marlowe adds an interesting perspective, and warrants a brief look at the different interpretations of this relationship.

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Luckily for us, the folks over at The Guardian compiled one such overview. Drawing everywhere from the conventional belief that the two were simply two contemporary authors working independently while admiring each other’s work, to the wild conspiracy theories presented in movies such as Anonymous,the overview makes it easier to trace how we’ve thought about Marlowe. It’s interesting to see this wildly debated controversy developed in light of new research methods and analytical technologies.


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