Top Genre Picks This Week: Crime/Thriller

Each week, Bookstr will be offering a look at some of the best novels in a particular genre for your continued reading list. Today, we’ll be recommending five recent crime and thriller novels for your reading pleasure. Have a look at our choices and let us know what you think of our suggestions in the comments! Hopefully, you’ll add some of these for your ongoing reading list.


5. The Temp by Michelle Frances


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No one can replace your life. Or can they? Is this scary new thriller by Michelle Franches, The Temp  tells the story of Carrie, an executive on maternity leave, finds herself in real danger of not only being replaced at her job but in every aspect of her life by a stranger. Enter Emma, a temp, who manages to worm her way into Carrie’s life, taking it one piece away at a time. Emma begins stealing Carrie’s job away, her husband, and more. Carrie is desperate to get back to work to get Emma away from her life but there may be more to this than meets the eye.


4. Watcher in the woods by Kelley Armstrong


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Watcher in the Woods by Kelley Armstrong is a creepy thriller that takes place in a sleepy, isolated town community. Featuring a female detective called Casey Duncan, the novel begins when a US marshal shows up demanding a citizen to be released into his custody. Duncan refuses and hours later, the marshal is killed. Now, it’s a race against time to find the killer before he or she strikes again. At the same time, Duncan must deal with the town’s internal politics and suspects her own sister may be behind the murder. Can she solve the mystery before it’s too late?


3. Miracle Creek by Angie kim


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Miracle Creek tells the tale of an experimental oxygen tank said to cure everything placed in an isolated town community, which is thought to cure everything from autism to infertility. But when the oxygen tank explodes, killing two people, it upends the small community it was placed within and causes everyone to be asking ‘Why?’ A murder trial unfolds around the case, revealing dark secrets about the community. A compelling page-turner and an emphatic exploration of human identity, this one can’t be missed.

2. A Town called Malice by Adam Abramowitz


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 A Town Called Malice is a gritty, fast paced novel about a bike messenger called Zesty Meyers who finds himself navigating Boston’s underworld. Boston itself becomes a fantastic character in itself, with Zesty’s narration highlighting the urban neighborhoods, the changing landscape thanks to real estate development, and all the hidden secrets he finds on his bike. He’s a very unique protagonist, constantly in motion while getting himself out of trouble. An interesting novel, this is more about the journey than the destination but its a wonderful journey indeed.


1. Cemetery Road by Greg Lies


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Marshall McEwan returns to his Mississippi home after fleeing it at age eighteen but must return to confront his past after learning his father is terminally ill. His time there, however, is brought to dark depths when two murders are committed, upstaging the small, isolated South community. Marshall, as an experienced journalist, begins to investigate and finds more than he bargained for. Lies, murder, and horrific secrets are uncovered through the Southern community he begins to look into. Marshall also finds a secret of his own past, which he may not have the courage to investigate. A page turner that sheds light on Southern history, Cemetery Road is a fantastic and educational thriller.



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