Top Five Terrible Horror Films Based on Great Books

We love to see our favorite literary characters come to life…most of the time. However, it doesn’t always work out. Here’s a list of horror books with horrifying adaptations and not the good kind…



5. The Killer Inside Me by Jim Thompson



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This thriller written by Jim Thompson was proclaimed to be one of the greatest crime novels of all time.  The protagonist Lou is known as being the nicest guy around but when his brother is murdered, he is determined to solve the mystery no matter who dies…


The 2010 adaptation starring Casey Affleck  and Jessica Alba, however, was a complete and utter FLOP! Many critics despised the horror scenes that depict women who loved to be practically beaten to death which leaves to their demise. The film seemed empty and it wasn’t necessarily the actors portrayals of the characters but just the poorly written script. The budget for the film was $13 million and worldwide it only made a little more than $3 million…   


4. Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury



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Ray Bradbury is mainly known for his dystopian novel, Fahrenheit 451, he dabbled into much darker themes then unjust societies. Bradbury’s novel Something Wicked This Way Comes, is a dark fantasy book about two teenage boys struggling to combat a satanic traveling circus. The book is adored by many for its symbolism, NPR writer Seth Grahame-Smith said “the true horror of the book is….the truth, that our parents weren’t always the heroes we needed them to be.”


Picked up by Disney the film bombed in the box office, and parents believed it was a little too scary for children to enjoy. The film’s budget was $19 million and only grossed $8 million…


3. Carrie by Stephen King



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One of Stephen King’s most famous horror novels, Carrie, delves deeply into the symbolism of blood in violence, womanhood and lust. The cruelty and disturbing nature of this story shocked readers and again audiences when it was adapted to film in 1976.  But the recent remake in 2013, was just plain bad. Starring Chloe Grace Moretz, audiences found it unbelievable she could be deemed “ugly” or a freak. The Guardian called it ‘Visually, it is doggedly unoriginal and uninteresting.” The remake only made $83 million but this was mainly chalked up to the popularity and success of the original film.



2. Thinner by Stephen King



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Original published in King’s pseudonym name Richard Bachman, this novel follows Billy Hallock, an overweight successful lawyer and it takes a dark turn when he is cursed for killing the kin of a vengeful Gypsy father. The book became an instant bestseller, and before it was revealed that King was behind it,  it was described as a “something out of a Stephen King novel.”


Sadly that could not be said about the film, rated 15% on Rotten Tomatoes. The overall social commentary centered around people’s’ obsession with weight loss is lost in the film version due to its cartoonish and borderline comedic attempt to be horrific.  The film grossed $15 million with a budget of nearly $14 million.



1. The Wicker Man by Anthony Shaffer and Robin Hardy



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Oddly enough the book was actually based off the 1973 acclaimed cult classic. Due to its success, director Robin Hardy and screenwriter Anthony Shaffer decided to make the book version five years after the initial release of the film. Hardy and Shaffer got deeper in details and expand on the ending of the film. But the main issue with the 2006 remake starring Nicholas Cage is that he’s the epitome of a hit or miss actor! He was miscast in this film and it just did not work…




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