Tankard, Dragon Costume, Cutting Board

Top 7 ‘Game of Thrones’ Must-Haves on Etsy

Recently, we did a roundup of some of the best book goodies available on Etsy, but there are so many Game of Thrones pieces available that we couldn’t resist compiling some of what we think are the most useful pieces…


1. Horned Drinking Tankard




We know that your friends have been giving you a hard time at the banquets recently because you don’t have your own horned tankard. You’ve had to drink your ale out of a plastic tumbler like a nerd. It’s very embarrassing for you, and we’d like to help. Here is your very own engraved tankard for all your feasting needs, perfect for toasting the demise of your enemies, a particularly good ale, or the ceremonial smashing of the plastic tumbler. 


2. Joffrey Dying Engagement Card


Joffrey card


If you are a complete asshole, you will enjoy gifting this tasteful card to your newly engaged acquaintances. Perhaps the ones who bullied you for not having a horned tankard. This’ll show ’em. 


3. Doggie Dragon Costume


Dragon doggie costume

Image Courtesy of Etsy


Now that you have solved your own bullying problem and are the proud owner of a horned tankard and gifter of nasty death-themed correspondence, you can turn your attentions to the social struggles of your canine companion. He’s no dire wolf, is he? The other dogs rough him up and won’t let him play with them in the park. Well, the solution is here. Simply pop him in this ferocious dragon costume and he’ll never be messed with again. Confidently, he will saunter into the park, and all the other dogs will bow to him. They’ll let him sniff their butts, and never again leave him out of a game of chasing. It also sort of implies that you are the Mother of Dragons. 


4. Hodor Door Stopper


Hodor door stopper

Image Courtesy of Etsy


Sick of shouting at your housemates to hold the door as you hurry in after them, having fallen behind, lost in thought, dwelling on solutions for you and your dog’s issues? Well, look no further. Not only have we supplied you with answers to your doggo’s problems, we have also tracked down your very own Hodor door stopper! Now you don’t have to rely on others holding the door open for you from slightly too far away, causing you to abandon your reverie in order to do that awkward half-jog thing to get to the door quicker… 


5. Game of Thrones Make Up Brushes 


GoT Make Up Brushes

Image Courtesy of Etsy


These make-up brushes are a must-have for cosmetically inclined Thronies. They are each shaped like symbols from the books and are so unique and eye-catching. You can use them for eyeshadow, blus h,contour and to paint your face with the blood of your enemies. So versatile! 


6. ‘Dinner is Coming’ Cutting Board


Dinner is Coming cutting board

Image Courtesy of Etsy


Unable even to eat without thoughts of Game of Thrones? Looking for a strong surface on which to carve the hearts of those who wronged you? Never fear! Here is the perfect item for your culinary needs: a ‘Dinner is Coming’ cutting board. 


7. Map of the Seven Kingdoms 


Map of the Seven Kingdoms

Image Courtesy of Etsy


Does looking at a map of the world instill in you an ever-growing sense of terror and crisis as you imagine all the terrible things that may be imminent? Well, your troubles are over. Replace your world map with this map of the Seven Kingdoms. Sure, they might be a site of untold horror and bloodshed, but at least it’s fictional horror and bloodshed, eh?


Featured Image Courtesy of Etsy