Top 5 Nifty Gifts for Book Lovers for This Holiday Season

Christmas time is here. The season of gift-giving and togetherness. This is the chance to give your favorite book lover something they can’t live without. Of course there are books that you can slide under the tree, however there are plenty of things to accompany them that will help make it a bit easier to manage and enjoy the books.


1. Personal Library Kit

Image via Blog and Buy

Image Via Blog and Buy


There’s nothing better than sharing your book with a friend, unless you don’t get it back, of course. This nifty gift will have your book lover checking their books in and out to family and friends in a timely manner. You can even rack up late fees for those who keep the book out later than what the check-out date was. This is a great gift for book lovers who like to share what books they love and have ready to read; it’s a good investment for them to have.


2. Reading Socks

Image Via Tumblr

Image Via Tumblr

There’s nothing like cozying up in a nice chair with some warm tea or cocoa as you read a good book. Then you realize: your feet are freezing! Book lovers, like anyone, can suffer from cold feet, so what better gift to give them than some cozy socks? Not only cozy socks, but fun socks designed with banned books or colorful book patterns all around them. Barnes and Noble stores are currently carrying a collection of holiday socks to slip under the tree for your book lover this season.



3. Literary Teas

Image via Novel Tea Tins

Image Via Novel Tea Tins


It’s a little typical, but tea is everything to a book lover. Getting the Novel Tea Tins for a booklover is one of the best gifts you can get for one. There are teas that resembles some of your favorite classic novels with titles such as Pride and Peppermint, Oliver Lemon Twist, War and Peach and more! These Novel Teas made by the company of the same name are one of the best gifts to give. The blended teas will be a welcoming addition to a book lover’s cozy night of reading.


4. Bring Your Own Book Game

Image via the board game family

Image Via The Board Game Family

It’s not a book club, but it’s still fun to test your knowledge of your favorite books. It’s a hilarious way for a book lover to break away from traditional reading and do something with a twist. This game calls upon the book lover to look through their favorite books for clever dating advice, tabloid headlines, and more. This is a fun game for both the book lover and giver to be a part of and a way into their world! This is a great investment and can even be a stocking stuffer.


5. Noise-Canceling Bluetooth Headphones

Image via Amazon

Image Via Amazon


Some book lovers are also music lovers or audiobook lovers. Headphones like these will help the book lover completely become immerse themselves in their own world, allowing them to filter out noises and focus on their books. Sometimes a moment without interruption is what the book lover will need most while trying to read their book after a busy day.



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