Top 5 Books By Hillary Clinton

Whether you’re a Trumper or a Clintonite, it’s important to read up on your presidential candidates. There’s a whoooooole lot of noise about Clinton and her various scandals, but what does she have to say for herself, when the cameras are off? Lucky for us, there are plenty of books to help with that. 

Hard Choices


Hard Choices is Clinton’s second memoir, written just after her first term as secretary of state under Barack Obama. Many had been speculating about a possible Clinton presidential campaign, and some interpreted this book as an official announcement. In the book, she lays out her analysis of the major events that took place during her time in the position, from the Arab Spring, to the Benghazi attacks. She also makes diagnoses pertaining to America’s key issues, and provides some commentary 

Living History 


Clinton’s first memoir was published in 2003, just before she joined the US senate. The book details more of Clinton’s early life, and thus does not deal much with the political side of things. It is arguably her most candid book, as she delves into her marital troubles with Bill. What emerges, is the image of an impressively resilient individual.  

It Takes a Village 


Published in 1996, Hillary penned this book as a sort of manifesto for American children of succeeding generations. In the book, she asserts that it is incumbent upon an entire nation to raise children well, not just the family unit. This provoked conservatives to argue that her thesis was entirely wrong; and that the government should have no say in the raising of children. It was perceived by some as an attack on family values, and a temptation to bigger government. 

Dear Socks, Dear Buddy


I guess you could call this a sort of memoir. This is Hillary’s first crack at a children’s book. Published in 1998, the book features the White House pets, or as she calls them, the ‘First Pets.’ The book is organized as a compilation of letters to the First Pets, wherein children ask them various questions about life on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. 


An Invitation to the White House: At Home with Hillary 


Arguably her most scant piece of literature, An Invitation to the White House is a coffee table book, that features photos of a lavishly decorated White House. The book was meant to showcase Hillary’s hostessing prowess, and decorative intuition, to combat the predominant image of her as a stiff politician. 


Featured image courtesy of CBS