Top 4 Tweets Where George R.R. Martin Made 70 Look Good

Celebrate George R. R. Martin’s 71st birthday with four of the author’s top-tweeted portraits from the past year.

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With beard, beret, and impeccable style, George R.R. Martin makes aging look effortless.

Haters will say that G.R.R.M. needs to get back to work and finish The Winds of Winter while he still can, but we think the suspenders-toting author needs some love for just being himself.

Martin, who is turning seventy-one-years young on Friday, curates his outfits, and smiles for almost every picture taken of him. That’s more than can be said for most Millennials. Great job adulting, G.R.R.M.!

Check out four of the Game of Thrones creator’s top tweeted portraits from the past year.


4. emo memories with metal friends


3. Turtle on my hat, nothing wrong with that


2. don’t waste time chasing your shadow


1. retweet if the finale should’ve gone like this







Featured Image Via Twitter.