Top 3 CBD Cookbooks to Help You Chill Out

It’s National CBD day today! CBD, or cannabidiol is a naturally occurring component of cannabis plants. Unlike the other commonly known cannabinoid, THC, CBD has been known to not produce intoxicating effects after ingestion to the body. In fact, research shows that there are potential medicinal properties in CBD.  


Cannabis use is progressively becoming more and more acceptable in our society and has been in use in our medical fields for a while. Although some may be intimidated by the sound of people smoking joints in public everywhere, combustion is not the only way to ingest cannabis. In fact, many people prefer to eat infused edibles as opposed smoking. So, in the spirit of National CBD day, here are three of the best cookbooks for cannabis infused meals.


1. Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking With Cannabis



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Melissa Parks and Laurie Wolf are two amazing chefs in their own right. The pair have astounded critics with their infused dishes, and now they’re cookbook is available for the average home chef. Hundreds of recipes are recorded in their book for anyone to try out; no matter what level of culinary skill they may have. Parks and Wolfe offer up an entryway into the world of cannabis cooking as well as a great variety of recipes for appetizers, entrees, beverages, and deserts.


2. The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook


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The High Times is regarded as one of the best media outlets for when it comes to anything cannabis. It only makes sense that there cookbook would be as knowledgeable and detailed as it truly is. As another great base platform to start from for any new cannabis enthusiast, The High Times’ cookbook not only offers up recipes, but also a brief history of the “hows and whys” of cannabis consumption. The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook is an essential piece for any newbie.



3. The Vegan Cannabis Cookbook



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If anyone wants to eat an infused meal, but is a vegan, have no fear! This cookbook is expansive in all its vegan glory. With over 100 recipes and a multitude of descriptive illustrations to help you along with each recipe, The Vegan Cannabis Cookbook proves that anyone really can enjoy infused foods, no matter what dietary restrictions may be prevalent.



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