Top 10 Alice Hoffman Novels to Add Some Magic into Your Life

These are arguably the best Alice Hoffman novels out there. Check them out to add a little spark of magic into your quarantine life.

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At 68-years-old, Alice Hoffman has written over 35 novels. She mainly writes for adults, but has had a couple of bestsellers in YA and children’s lit as well. Hoffman is known for her magical realism that empowers all kinds of women.

Here is a list of the greatest Hoffman hits. But don’t worry, if you’ve read all of these, there’s about 30 more!

10. ‘Aquamarine’

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Full disclosure, this book made the list for purely nostalgic reasons. Whether you grew up on the movie or on the book, it was a childhood staple. The book follows two young girls who discover a dying mermaid and help save her. It’s a heartwarming story and it just goes to show Hoffman’s range as a writer.

9. ‘Turtle Moon’


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‘Turtle Moon’ is one of Hoffman’s lesser-known novels, but one of her best. It tells the story of a boy who runs away from home and his mother’s journey to find him. It is filled with superstitions and omens and is ultimately a beautiful tale of familial love.



8. ‘the Museum of Extraordinary Things’ 


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This YA bestseller will immerse you into a world of the weird and wonderful. It follows a girl whose father runs a Coney Island ‘freak show’ and her growing relationship with a young photographer. It’s a great love story fit for people of all ages to read.


7. ‘The World that We Knew’


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This lovely work of historical fiction calls upon Jewish folklore to tell the story of two women surviving WWII. One a mother, one a rabbi’s daughter, they unite in an attempt to escape Nazi occupation with the help of a Golem (a clay statue known to protect its owner). It’s a story of motherhood, love, and perseverance in the face of oppression.



6. ‘The Marriage of Opposites’


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‘Marriage’ is an empowering story of a girl who is held back by her community, forced to marry a man she doesn’t love, and who finds her way out despite all odds. It is written beautifully and will keep you enthralled until the very end.


5. ‘The Dovekeepers’


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Josephus recounted the tale of the Roman siege of Masada, a Jewish fort. He claims that instead of giving in to the Romans, the Israelites trapped inside killed themselves. Only two women and one child are said to have survived. In this novel, Hoffman tells their stories along with two other women, switching between their narratives as they watch their lives turn upside down.


4. ‘Here On Earth’


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Hoffman knows how to write a love story like no one else. This book tells the story of a woman who leaves everything to pursue an old lover. It is a painstaking tale of an all-consuming and reckless love that’s unstoppable.

3. ‘Faithful’


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‘Faithful’ is about a girl who loses her best friend, and her sense of self, in a tragic accident. It follows her on her move to New York City, and on her path to rebuild her life. It’s an inspiring story about self-discovery and loneliness.



2. ‘The Rules of Magic’


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This prequel to ‘Practical Magic’ is the book every Hoffman fan needed. Despite 20+ years in between the two books, there you will immediately be immersed back into the magical world of the Owens family. It follows the beloved aunts as they grow up under the thumb of their strict mother, and become the caring witchy women that raise the next generation of Owens sisters.


1. ‘Practical Magic’


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It was no question that this book should be #1. ‘Practical Magic’ is the fantastic story of two sisters who deal with a family curse, a town that hates them, and a world of magic that they can’t run from. It brings you into a world that you will never want to leave and is just such a beautifully done novel.


Bonus: ‘Magic lessons’


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This new novel comes out in October 2020 and is a pre-prequel to ‘Practical Magic.’ It goes all the way back to Maria Owens, the woman who began the Owens family curse and finally tells her story. Essentially it is even more of the Owens world to absorb. What more could you ask for?



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