Tony Robbins Can Make You Orgasm Without Even Touching You

Have you heard of Tony Robbins? If not, you have to check out our exclusive interview with him! He’s an incredibly motivational speaker, filled with wisdom and advice, and he’s an excellent storyteller to boot! He visited the Bookstr headquarters to discuss his new book Unshakable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook. What started out as a typical conversation about his book turned into an amazing discussion about what Robbins has achieved in his life. From curing people’s fear of snakes, to making a woman orgasm without touching her, Tony Robbins has done it all. He even told us a story about going undercover in an un-named country to help free underage girls who were being used as sex slaves.

If his claims seem too outrageous to be true, simply type his name into Youtube. You will find a number of videos where Tony is curing people of their phobias, stutters, and suicidal thoughts, on the spot! He has the ability to “heal” people of their problems by finding the origin of their fear or condition. Once he targets the root of the problem, he forces the individual to face it head on. Sometimes they scream, yell, jump up and down, or simply cry. In the end, those he has cured demonstrate their newfound freedom, leaving the audience amazed. 

However, his latest book is not about his wild adventures. Instead, Unshakeable offers something very special to readers; thoughtful advice on how to achieve financial freedom. He tackled a difficult topic and explained it with simplicity and passion. Robbins offers advice to protect our future by investing a small amount of money every paycheck. He suggests imposing a 20% tax on yourself. This means that for every paycheck you get, you should invest 20% of it into the stock market. 

While his actions are incredible, watching and listening to Tony Robbins talk about his success, failures, personal past, and future goals is truly inspirational. You can watch highlights from our interview here: 

There is so much to take away from Tony Robbins, this interview, and his already bestselling book. His main argument is that it’s not so difficult to implement his ideas. Saving and making money is an incredibly rewarding process, and it’s not impossible. Having a passive income allows us to have more freedom in how we live our lives and helps us to help others.

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