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Tom Clancy’s ‘The Division’ Receives Comic Book Series

Tom Clancy is a name revered by action fans everywhere. Not only have his novels done amazingly well, but the man’s work has been applied to a huge slew of video-game titles throughout the years, maintaining the author’s relevance even after his death. With his detailed depiction of espionage and clandestine military action, Clancy has become a household name with his craft. Now, one of the more recent games based on his work is receiving its very own comic book adaptation.




Image via Dark Horse Comics



Fans of the game must be pleased with the incredible amount detail put into just the first three pages via the previewreleased by Dark Horse Comics. Although it may be a short preview, the pages are decorated with astonishing visuals by artist Fernando Baldo and colorist Michael Atiyeh, while the writing seems to be taking off just right with the work of writer Christofer Emgard.




Image via Dark Horse Comics



The story goes off of what the game is based on. As a catastrophic bioweapon devastates NYC, it is up to the Division’s Caleb Dunne to uncover a wider mystery as to who is responsible for such an attack, but more importantly, who killed his partner? The plot gets more and more windy as the pages go on, with characters reacting beautifully in the vivid drawings of the artist.


So far, The Division: Extremis Malis is only available for pre-order. The full first issue will be released officially on January 9th, 2019. For more on possible upcoming issues, Tom Clancy, and everything else books, be sure to stick around Bookstr!




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