Tom Aschiem is Now in Charge of the Wizarding World at Warner Bros

There is a new chief in town in the Wizarding World. Tom Aschiem is now in charge of the Harry Potter franchise at Warner Bros. Which means, he is in charge of theme parks, games, movies, and etc. All things that are related to Harry is his job. What a great job to have right? Aschiem is president of kids, young adults, and classics at Warner Media.

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Of course, Aschiem isn’t completely in charge. He still has to consult with the author and creator of the Wizarding World, JK Rowling, and her team. Aschiem represents Warner Bros as Chief representative during meetings when he wants to expand on the franchise. It is his responsibility to handle all future projects.
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The franchise is a major asset to Warner Bros, considering how successful it is. All eight films combined grossed 7.7 Billion dollars. That’s insane. However, the Fantastic Beasts franchise isn’t doing as well as they hoped, it’s still an important part of the Wizarding World. The first film in the spin-off only made $800 million and the second, $654 million, which is the lowest amount of money any movie in the Wizarding World has made. Fingers crossed the third movie is better and makes more money.
According to Aschiem, he is a big fan of the series and he’s honored and excited to play such a huge role in the franchise. Maybe he can get Rowling to write a book about James Potter and his friends? Wishful thinking but it could happen.
Congrats on your promotion Tom Aschiem!
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