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Tolkien’s “Middle-Earth” Love Story Published After 100 Years

There are more Middle-Earth stories to discover! On June 1st, HarperCollins posthumously released a new book from Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit author JRR Tolkien. The author’s son, Christopher Tolkien, edited and pieced together the collection, which focuses on the lovers Beren and Luthien. Christopher included commentary about his father’s unfinished writings as well. 


Beren is a mortal man who falls in love with the fair elf, Luthien. Since Luthien is immortal and their love would only be a small part of her long life, her father adamantly opposes their relationship. The elf lord makes Beren prove his commitment to his daughter by ordering him to steal a Silmaril from Morgoth, the greatest of evil creatures. 


Tolkien started writing about the couple after serving in World War I and losing most of his close friends. He found solace after being reunited with his wife and based the two characters on his real-life love story. The character names are even written on his and his wife’s tombstone. 


Tolkien Gravestone

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This is not the first time fans will be reading about the couple as their story is a major part of the book of Middle-Earth mythology, The Silmarillion. What this new book does offer is a complete collection of stories about the two lovers including brief sections that Tolkien wrote on napkins combined with illustrations from Alan Lee. 



This release may be the last book detailing the history of the Middle-Earth and is published accordingly with the ten-year anniversary of the publication of The Children of Hurin.



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