Tolkien Fans Crowdfunding a Shire Festival

Ever wanted to express your love for all things Middle Earth with fellow Tolkien fans offline? A group of dedicated fans are working to make a massive annual arts and music festival based around the franchise happen. They’ve launched an ambitious Indiegogo campaign to do so, and are asking for quite a lot of farthings.

The Shire America hopes to bring an authentic LotR experience to fans who can’t make the pilgrimage to New Zealand and visit the real thing. The stage will be set in Middle Tennessee, on the outskirts of the Great Smoky Mountains. A crack team of contractors, landscapers, and craftsmen aim to build everything you remember from the Shire in the books and films: Hobbit holes, The Mill, Dragon Inn, and Double Bridge. 

Of course, an undertaking like this won’t be cheap. It will cost at least $7,300,000 to bring the project to fruition, and that’s why the decision was made to crowdfund the festival.

They explain their goal in more detail on the page, hoping to “produce a week long festival with plenty of space for camping, crafts, and musical acts. Imagine seeing music royalty rocking out with you in The Shire!!”

If the group meets its goal, construction will begin next year, and the event will open to the public in 2018. If you want to help bring the world of hobbits and wizards to life, visit their Indiegogo page here

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