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To Play or Not to Play? The Public Theater’s Program Brings Shakespeare to New Yorkers


It seems like you can’t exactly define theater without mentioning raw emotions, live twists, improv acting, and the man himself, Shakespeare.


Now, if you’ve never been a Shakespeare fan, there’s something happening in New York City that might be the theatrical revelation you need.



The Delacorte Theater

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The Public Theater, founded in 1954 as the Shakespeare Workshop, is hosting its fifth annual Public Works gathering and everyone is invited. Each year, this event reels in close to 200 New Yorkers from every area and background to put on performances based on classical pieces. This year is Shakespeare’s As You Like It, a pastoral comedy about the trials of life, love, and friendship. It’s taking on a New York twist as a musical adaptation directed by Laurie Woolery and Shaina Taub with songs created by Taub. However, these theater rookies won’t be acting alone; several professional actors will be joining them on stage. With an entertaining plot and a diverse mix of performers, there will undoubtedly be heaps of chaos, laughter, and spontaneity.



Public Works program

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The Public Theater is well-known for its involvement in the arts and positive community outreach. From September 1st to the 5th everyone will be able to join this production and the anticipation has members of the program buzzing. “The team effort, the many different colors, shapes, and sizes. I love the play we’re working on, the warmups, the snacks, the love, the understanding,” Cinthia Candelaria of Fortune Society shares with amNewYork.



The Public Theater

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The variety and presence of the Public Theater reigns over the arts in the city so you don’t even have to go far. The play will be held at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park from Friday to Tuesday. For free tickets as well as other programs, events, and activities, check out the Public Theater website.


So whether you’re a Shakespeare fan or totally clueless, this is a chance for everyone and anyone to be a part of something exciting and real. The theater doors are always open, the only question left is: To be or not to be? 



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