‘To All the Boys: Always and Forever’ Review

The time has come. The final movie, To All the Boys: Always and Forever, dropped on Netflix on Friday. The love story of Lara Jean and Peter is over, unless Jenny Han decides to write another book. Which, she should because—well, I won’t say too much about the ending, but I need something more.

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As for the movie as a whole, let’s start with the plot. It’s senior year and Lara Jean and Peter are desperately waiting to hear from Stanford. They have a whole plan to go to college together and start their life together. SPOILER ALERT! Peter gets in and Lara Jean doesn’t. It wasn’t a complete surprise to me, because I read the book and because movies are cliché like that. So, the rest of the movie is spent with Lara Jean freaking out about her relationship with Peter and focusing more on what will make him happy rather than herself. It’s annoying, but you have to keep reminding yourself that she’s a teenage girl, she doesn’t understand life yet.
Lara Jean decides she wants to go to NYU. She waits to tell Peter on Prom Night and he dumps her because she chose herself and not him. WOW, Peter isn’t so perfect. The movie loves to paint Peter in the best light and make him this big romantic who can’t do wrong. Don’t get me wrong, it’s sweet but I rolled my eyes a lot during their lovey-dovey scenes. Still proud LJ chose herself despite the breakup. However, Peter’s anger about LJ choosing NYU over him stems from his issues with his dad. WOW! Big shock! Daddy issues always seems to be the card played here when boys act like jerks.
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Of course, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know they get back together. They decide they can make it work and they go off to college separately but still together and in love. HOORAY FOR LOVE! Also LJ’s dad gets married and Kitty gets her first boyfriend. Nothing actually exciting happened in this film. It was very dry.
It was a nice send-off for the characters, but I’m curious to see if LJ and Peter can actually make
It through four years of college. Come on Jenny, write that book! But with their track record, if they do break up, Peter will come up with some romantic gesture to win LJ back. So, do we really need another book?
You can watch the final movie right here on Netflix.
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