Timon & Pumbaa Voices for Live-Action ‘The Lion King’ Have Been Announced

While the beloved 1994 animated movie, The Lion King, wasn’t based on a book or story, it was inspired by literature. The filmmakers said it was inspired by The Bible as well as Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Like many Disney movies, The Lion King is being remade into a live-action film. Casting has already been announced for Mufasa (James Earl-Jones, who voiced Mufasa in the cartoon film) and Simba (Donald Glover). 

Today we found out who will voice Timon and Pumbaa: Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner! 


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The two most popular characters from ‘The Lion King’ will be voiced by comedic giants. Timon, the quirky meerkat, will be played by Billy Eichner. Pumbaa, the goody warthog, will be played by Seth Rogan. 

I think it’s a perfect fit! How about you?

Featured image courtesy of Youtube