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Ticketmaster Is No Match for Dedicated ‘Cursed Child’ Fans

Well, Sunday at 10 a.m. was not fun for Ticketmaster…or Harry Potter fans. The major ticket selling site joined up with the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child team for the trusty Verified Fan program!


Harry Potter

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This means that any witch or wizard vying for tickets to the NYC Broadway show must sign in through Ticketmaster and answer a series of questions about your registration process. It’s a great idea considering it’s supposed to weed out all those damn ticket robots and scalpers that suck up all the chances for us real fans.


However, Harry Potter fans had their chance to show their true powers and Ticketmaster didn’t stand a chance. In no time the site began to glitch and redirect people back to the first registration page despite putting in their information multiple times.


Harry Potter

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The crash forced The Cursed Child NYC Twitter page to send a heads up to those trying to register. Ticketmaster even tweeted an apology, calling the fans’ siege ‘unprecedented’. But was it really? It was a tell-tale sign since the West End sale a couple years ago encountered similar problems. Plus, we are Harry Potter fans. We’re basically our own little world.



Personally, I jumped in line a little late on Sunday, finally registering around 3 p.m., so I had no trouble. Will that lessen my chances? Probably. Registering doesn’t guarantee anything, though. You may receive an access code that’ll put you in the cyber-line to buy tickets on Ticketmaster.


To say fans weren’t pleased is putting it lightly. They blamed dark magic, spells, and anything else that could explain the horrid crash. The good news: You have until Thursday, October 5th at 10 p.m. ET to register! Do not miss this chance.


As for Ticketmaster, as Dumbledore has said: “The truth… It is a beautiful and terrible thing, and should therefore be treated with great caution.”


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