Thrift Store Forced to Stop Accepting Fifty Shades of Grey

Do you have a spare copy of Fifty Shades of Grey that you’re hoping to donate? Well, maybe don’t – at least not to this UK bookstore, which has been utterly overrun by donations of the romance novel. It’s gotten so bad that the store has had to ban donations of the book!

According to the Mirror, the donations are flooding in from women who bought the steamy novel but “don’t want to keep [it] in their own home once they’ve read it.” As a result, thrift stores are being inundated with “hundreds” of copies of the book.

Things are particularly out of hand in Swansea, Wales, where an Oxfam shop (one of a charity store chain in the UK) has been forced to ban donations of the book altogether. The shop in question already has hundreds of copies of the book – so many that they’ll soon be forced to put the books in storage at a warehouse, where they’ll be sold online or simply recycled.

In the meantime, the store’s employees are making good use of the books. They’ve built an incredible fort made entirely out of copies of Fifty Shades of Grey and its sequels (that’s it pictured above). The Oxfam employees certainly have a sense of humor about their predicament. Still, as one employee put it, “enough is enough.” “We appreciate all the donations,” employee Phil Broadhurst told the Mirror, “but less Fifty Shades and more sixties and seventies vinyl would be good.”