Three Nonfiction Books For ‘Go Skateboarding Day’

Whether a beginner or a seasoned veteran, check out these books for ‘Go Skateboarding Day’!

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Whether you got hit with inspiration from watching a show centered around skateboarding (proudly recommending Sk8 the Infinity by the way), or a seasoned professional at the art, Go Skateboarding Day is a day that anyone of all ages can enjoy! If you’re looking for a way to savor the desire to get on a board, these books are your friend.

Skateboarding and the City: A Complete History by Iain Borden


Let’s say that you wanted to get into the general gist of skateboarding- from the “lore” or history of skateboarding, to how skateboarding has evolved over the years, and became integrated into today’s culture. Look no further than this book by Iain Borden, who is a skater too! The book gives a surprising in-depth look into skateboarding as a whole. With 384 pages to learn from and marvel at, anyone who is a complete beginner to skateboarding, or interested in the art of it, should definitely pick this up.

The Handmade Skateboard by Matt Berger

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Ever thought about building a board yourself? You’re in luck! The Handmade Skateboard by Matt Berger is essentially a DIY guide to not only the shape and designs of skateboards, but it also includes tutorials for making boards. Alongside touching briefly upon the history of skateboarding, and with a bunch of colorful illustrations, The Handmake Skateboard is a fine choice for anyone wanting to get started on making skateboards themselves.

California Concrete: A Landscape of Skateparks by Amir Zaki

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Skateparks are a staple in the skateboarding culture, as that’s where skateboarding truly thrives. California Concrete examines the shapes, the forms, the curves, to the overall architecture of what makes a skatepark, a skatepark. With the usage of photography and essays from Tony Hawk and Peter Zellner and insightful prose, California Concrete serves as a way to give a perspective on how skateparks became what they are. It’s a great choice for anyone curious about how skateparks got their fascinating look.

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