Thoughts and Feelings About Avatar Studios

Avatar Studios will be creating new Avatar content from now on. The original creators will be behind the project.

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When I heard the news of Avatar Studios, I was over the moon.  Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra are two of my all-time favorite shows. I was very hesitant about the live-action series Netflix was creating, especially when the two main creators of Avatar out of the project.  Now, I cannot wait to see what will be added into the Avatar universe!


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Don’t get me wrong; just because the creators of Avatar are in charge of Avatar Studios doesn’t mean everything that comes out of it will be flawless. The main two shows themselves aren’t without their flaws.  Plus, I know there is a tiring trend of bringing back franchises that might’ve been better off left alone. Avatar could easily fall under this category and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel apprehensive about this new studio. It’s very easy to create inconsistencies within the universe with whatever the creators make, or feeling like they’re ruining already existing characters. However, I have faith in the creators.



Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko have shown tremendous care towards the franchise even years after it ended.  When they created The Legend of Korra, they made sure to give rich storytelling that gave depth to the Avatar universe that was never explored before. The Legend of Korra definitely has a lot of weaknesses, but most of them aren’t Bryke’s (Bryan and Mike’s) fault. Nickelodeon seriously limited their resources, especially for the last two seasons. Even so, the show as a whole was a big success. I have no doubt that they’ll put the same attention and care into the projects they develop with Avatar Studios.


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Will Avatar Studios be a success? That has yet to be determined.  Personally, I think it’ll be great, and even if the content created isn’t the strongest, longtime lovers of the franchise will be appreciative of getting any content at all. As a longtime fan of Avatar myself, I’m looking forward to seeing what will come from this studio.


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