This Week’s Top Genre Must Reads: Romance

Each week, Bookstr will be offering a look at some of the best novels in a particular genre for your continued reading list. Today, we’ll be recommending five recent romance books for your recommendation pleasure. Romance offers a look into the lives of couples, dealing with love and all the trials it offers. Let’s fall in love with the couples of these books and the worlds they create!


5. Appeties and Vices by Felicia Grossman


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Appetites and Vices  is about Ursula Nunes, a woman who lives on the fringes of Philadelphia’s elite thanks to her Jewish heritage. She runs afoul of John Thaddeus, who recognizes her as an opportunity to show her the ropes then quickly ditch her and flee to Europe via broken engagement. Ursula, meanwhile, wants him to show her the ticket into high society. But when the two begin to develop real feelings for each other, the stakes are raised. A classic story of romance and the upper class, this book will leave you salivating for more. Luckily, its the first in a series!


4. 99 percent mine by Sally Thorne


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99 Percent Mine is a romantic comedy about a woman’s crush on a popular man and her first shot at being with him. Darcy Barrett is stuck with trying to refurbish a cottage for a relative. That’s when her crush, Tom Valeska, shows up out of the blue to lend a hand. Darcy is let flustered but decides to make it work and as she helps Tom fix up the cottage through the summer, she may finally have a shot at him. A funny, quirky romance, this one is a nice, laid back read relatable for anyone who dreamed of that unobtainable crush.


3. More than words by Jill Santopolo


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More Than Words tells the tale of Nina, a woman whose always been a dutiful daughter to her rich and powerful father in New York City. But her world turns upside down when her father dies and leaves behind a legacy that changes her perspective of the world, especially her relationship with her boyfriend. Devastating and tear jerking, this one is a very hard hitting novel that nevertheless is a highly recommended must read.


2. The Matchmaker’s List by Sonya Lalli


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The Matchmaker’s List is a funny, heartfelt novel about a woman called Raina who is dealing with her grandmother, who desperately wants to play matchmaker. Poor Raina is set up on blind date after blind date, her life turned into a bad reality tv show overnight. Raina’s life is further overcomplicated when her ex-boyfriend shows up as well, whom Raina once thought was ‘the one’. Raina now must choose between breaking her grandmother’s heart or going along with it despite it not being her own wishes.


1. in Another time by Julian Cantor


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In Another Time is a haunting historical romance. Set on the eve of World War II, the story tells of a young couple, Max and Hanna, who meet in 1931 in Germany. They fall in love as Germany slips into fascism against Hitler’s rise to power. Years later, in 1946, Hanna awakens in 1946 with no memory of what happened in the previous few years, nor does she know what happened to Max. The novel is told from Max’s viewpoint before WWII and Hanna’s after, making for a great format that allows us to see both character’s perspectives, seeing their sweeping romance unfold piece by piece.



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