Clouds in the sky that mimic Infinite Jest's cover

This Website Breaks Down HOW To Finish The 1,079-Page Novel “Infinite Jest” In A Summer

Let’s be honest, many summer to-do lists are often chock-full of unchecked boxes by the end of August, normally with items like “rewatch GoT,” or “go on a hike,” but on some people’s list is to to finish “Infinite Jest.” That’s right, that billion and a half page novel by David Foster Wallace (OK, it’s really 1,079 pages but close enough!) is able to be completed within one season AND many people have done it.


“Infinite Jest” is the quintessential novel for the pretentious and proud. Set in a North American dystopian land, this novel covers the tropes of addiction, family, and suicide.


The book "Infinite Jest"


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You can use the page Infinite Summer to make a guided timeline, and even read reviews and content from other readers, like Colin Meloy from the band “The Decemberists.”


Along with the commentary on the book by celebrities, they offer tips for reading the massive novel. One that is stressed over and over again is not to skip the footnotes. Each footnote is imperative to the story. Since flipping between pages can be a hassle, just shove a bookmark in the back to swap from text to encyclopedia.


Though reading is supposed to begin in June, it is never too late to cross off those summer-bucket-list items. Block off your calendars, set a goal, and in the words of Tim Gunn, “make it work!” 


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