This Town in Spain is Filled with Bookstores

If you’re looking for a book-lover’s paradise, I think we’ve found it! Travel 2 hours northwest of Madrid and you will find Urueña – a tiny town beside a medieval castle wall in Spain. In 2007, Urueña decided to become a Villa del Libro (a town of books) and joined the International Organization of Book Towns

Despite the town’s tiny popular-As of 2014 the town is home to fewer than 200 people- they run 12 bookstores! Urueña magical little place perfect for all bibliophiles. 

Images courtesy of All That is Interesting 

Besides the bookstores, “Urueña is home to an institute of ancient calligraphy that offers classes in the old writing techniques found in medieval handwritten tomes. Similarly, the Artisan Book Binding Workshop of Urueña holds seminars on how to physically create and unite the spines, covers, and pages that make up books.”

I think I just found my next vacation destination!




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