Harry Potter Yule Ball

This Texas School Brings Harry Potter Wands and Parties to Life

Think you’ve done everything there is to do as a Harry Potter fan? Think again, and follow the footsteps of these wickedly cool muggles who get stuff done.


In Central Texas, a magical institution called Worthwich School invites people to take part in some serious Pottery. It’s a wizarding school that offers tons of activities for those who can’t get enough of the novel that recently had its 20th anniversary.



Harry Potter School


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From wand-making classes to weekend retreats in which witches and wizards take part in classes on potion-making, magical creatures, divination, herbology, astronomy, and a lot more! Of course movie screenings and delicious food and drinks were a huge part as well.


Harry Potter School

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Now, these folks are putting on the event of the year, so take notes! Faye Fearless and Mai Infante, the founders of Worthwich, are holding a magically enchanting Yule Ball just like the one from the Goblet of Fire! “We didn’t see any other Texas events like that. It’s something we wanted to create as fans ourselves. It allows us to really jump in and enjoy it all over again,” Fearless explained.


Harry Potter Ball

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The party has a prior wand-making and painting class, but let me tell you…it does not stop there. There will be rock music inspired by the band in the Harry Potter ballroom scene with lyrics that tie into the characters and the books! There will be dance lessons, boozy potions (sign me up), raffles, cosplay, and other brilliant activities!


I’ve got two things to say: these ladies are on top of their game and I want to go to the ball.



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