This Student is the Book-Saving Hero We Need

Banned books are still a problem in school as teachers and administrations censor students’ reading material. One student at a private school watched as books that could be opposed to the school’s Catholic leanings were banned – from Animal Farm to The Godfather to The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

The student decided to do something about it.

Using an empty locker room to store over 60 books is quite remarkable. Besides finding the space for all of those books, this student is literally running a fully functional library at school every day.  

A cursory search leads to the discovery that there have been updates to the story, with the library only growing in size (and Twilight being added to the list of banned books by the school).

The student remained anonymous out of fear of retribution by the school or worse: their parents.

The Yahoo! Answers post appears to have been from some time ago, so the student likely moved on to running libraries much broader than the one in the empty locker adjacent to hers. Hopefully, they can serve as a role model for lovers of books and knowledge around the world.


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