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This Singer Has Just Dropped the Graphic Novel/Album Combo You Never Knew You Needed

Alt-pop sensation Lights amassed a fanbase of over two million on the power of her music alone. Now she’s taking the next step, and releasing an album/graphic novel combination, both titled Skin&Earth, that correspond to each other and allow her to express her creativity like never before. And that’s not all! It has just been announced that her fictional world will be adapted for TV and gaming content!


In a totally original move, Lights has released the full length album and graphic novel, after finding that bringing to life the character of En allowed her to express herself in ways that she had not felt able to before. According to her website, despite her success, Lights felt she had more important things to say through her music:


Throughout a year long process, she began secretly working on an unprecedented idea writing and drawing her own comic book based around this alter ego of sorts. And on top of that, just to make things more difficult – an album to coincide with the whole thing.


She says, “In the past, Lights wouldn’t write about being angry or Lights wouldn’t write a song about fighting or Lights wouldn’t write about sex…So En is me in another dimension, and I was able to write about all the things that I never wrote about before.”


The setting for Skin&Earth revolves around the last city left in a post-apocalyptic world that is lost to famine & plague, devoid of hope. A super corporation called Tempest runs everything from the media to the water rations to the schools. Main character Enaia Jin is “a girl looking for hope in a hopeless world. Caught between romance and cults, gods and mortals, and just trying to find a good borscht, Enaia Jin is lead down a dark path by new lovers that reveals a twisted fantasy world and her own true nature.”


Lights says writing and illustrating the graphic novel  “was awesome. It was freeing…That’s the whole vibe of the record and the comic. This meandering search for hope in a hopeless world that you really never know what you’re gonna get. You really never know what’s gonna happen until the end.”


It was announced yesterday and confirmed by Lights on her Twitter, that Skin & Earth will be adapted both for television and gaming content. 



In a statement, Lights said 


Music has always been a visual thing to me, so writing and drawing the ‘Skin & Earth’ comics, which tie cohesively with the music, was an obvious move for me as an artist. That then led to bringing the characters and story to life in other ways like in my music videos, interactive Instagram accounts and graphic novel and on stage in my live show. Now that those floodgates are open, I am beyond excited to explore my relationship with eOne and introducing the characters and ethos of Skin&Earth to new audiences.


Lights is truly breaking new ground with this album/graphic novel combo, and we are super excited to listen, read and now watch Skin&Earth! Check out the teaser below! 


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