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This Serial Killer’s Crimes Are Scarily Similar to a Stephen King Novel

You tend to hear that fiction always ties back to reality. It’s where authors find some of their greatest inspiration. In this case, reality is tying back to fiction, and it’s scary.


In Toronto a man named Bruce McArthur was just arrested and named a serial killer for the murder of five men, maybe even more. As police discovered the frightening details of McArthur’s crimes, they began to align with a famous work from the past.


'The Lawnmower Man'

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Stephen King’s short story “The Lawnmower Man” is about a homeowner who is killed by the guy he hires to cut his grass. By the time cops realize what’s happened, the homeowner’s remains are already strewn about the yard. Yikes. That story first came out in 1975. Now, over four decades later, this ruthless killer is looking a lot like Stephen King’s character.


Toronto crime

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Bruce McArthur, a landscaper, targeted gay men in his community and, soon enough, all the disappearances started to come back to McArthur. An unknowing couple, on whose property they let him store his yard tools, were left in shock. Similarly to King’s story, the remains were found in deep plant pots and are believed to be buried around the yards he tended to.


If there’s one author’s books that I wouldn’t want real life to resemble it’s Stephen King’s. Why can’t people be inspired by The Lorax or something nice like that?


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