This Season’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Dragons Are as Big as…

It’s no secret that Game of Thrones‘ Daenerys has the best mode of transportation around. Her three dragons have made a splash on the HBO series over the past six seasons, and the “Mother of Dragons” has certainly used them to her advantage. This year, the dragons are getting a major upgrade.

Game of Thrones director Matt Shakman confirmed with Entertainment Weekly that in season seven, the dragons will be the most fearsome they’ve ever been. This year, fans can expect dragons the size of a Boeing 747 airplane!  

For reference, that means the dragons are about 230 feet long and have a 210-foot wingspan. Yeah, we’re talking big. In the meantime, we can only imagine the dragons’ firepower possibilities until the series returns on July 16th. We can’t wait for more dragons!  


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