This Rail Station Is More Excited About ‘Game of Thrones’ Than Any of You

After months of patient waiting, Season 7 of HBO’s hit show has finally returned to our screens!


Game of Thrones

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However, we all know how tediously painful the long wait has been. In the days leading up to winter’s official arrival, a train station in London decided to alleviate travelers’ pain by replacing transportation updates with quotes and countdowns to the season premiere. Since Monday, July 10th, King’s Cross station briefly ditched its loyalty to Harry Potter (there’s a permanent installation of Platform 9 3/4 at the station) when one employee began writing phrases and references from Game of Thrones. This move received widespread approval as illustrated by social media users’ shared enthusiasm.








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Whether this is a promotional tactic or a genuine move to relieve the pressure, Game of Thrones has succeeded in infiltrating our daily lives in numerous ways. If you want to get a taste of Westeros, visit this pop-up bar to sip on a themed drink while watching Daenerys’ dragons literally slay.


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