This Potter-Themed Pub Will Cast A Spell On You

If Pottermore and Harry Potter World hasn’t scratched the boy-wizard itch for you, an upcoming London pub may just be your ticket to wizardly bliss.



Image courtesy of Food & Wine Magazine


The Cauldron, set to begin its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign on June 26th, is no ordinary themed bar. Dreamed up by American designer Matthew Cortland and his team of engineers, The Cauldron will utilize cutting-edge smart home technology in order to give patrons the illusions that they are real witches and wizards with actual magical abilities. Each visitor will be given sophisticated wands that will allow them to pour drinks and flick lights on and off, all the while surrounded by Potter hallmarks like magnet-powered floating candles and moving portraits.


The menu, too, will be filled with treats found in the dining halls of Hogwarts and other fantasy locations from Narnia to Middle Earth; though copyright issues prevent the serving of butterbeer, the bar will be amply stocked with mead and cocktails that smoke and fizzle like something out of Snape’s potion class. Fittingly, the joint would also be open to school trips in the daytime, during which children will be able to experience the combined joys of STEM and the supernatural.



Image courtesy of Mashable


“We’re creating a location that straddles the line between the magical and non-magical worlds: a place where adult fans can visit, have a pint, and geek out,” Cortland said. There are hopes to expand the Cauldron into a functioning inn if the initial $500,000 fundraising goal is greatly surpassed. 



Image courtesy of the Drinks Business


Honors for those who donate to the project include treasures as varied as branded pint glasses to a moving portrait on the walls of the future pub. But if a financial donation isn’t in the cards for you, it certainly pays to save up for that trip to the UK. If all goes well, you’ll be sipping mead and reading Rowling tomes in an adult wizard’s paradise in no time!



Featured image courtesy of Condé Nast Traveller India