we carry the sky

This Poet’s Newest Book Just Became a Must-See Film

In the wake of Harvey Weinstein allegations and the President’s ‘locker room talk’ audio, it is important for women to know that they are respected and have safe spaces in all facets of their lives. With social media access at an all time high, it is that much easier for powerful women to band together and lead change.


McKayla Robbin believes that poetry is having a ‘renaissance’ right now, as it is the easiest art form for oppressed peoples to shed light on their experiences. 


“What I most hope is that it helps women feel less alone, helps women feel like their story is important, like they matter as humans and are supported members of a community,” says Robbin in an interview with Bustle. Her poetry book strives to do just that and was published in December 2016 after the recent presidential election. 


In order to continue the powerful narrative of womanhood, Robbins teamed up with Elizabeth Masucci to create the piece we carry the sky. This inspiring short film features women of all different shapes, sizes, races, ethnicities and beliefs, reading powerful words written by McKayla Robbins, which appear in her book of the same name.





McKayla Robbin’s we carry the sky features a number of short poems that will wow you with their imagery and themes like sexuality, womanhood, strength, femininity, and self-love. Here are a few short excerpts. 



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Be sure to check out the video or purchase your copy of the book to get inspired! 


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