'I Miss My Best Friend'

This Picture Book Helps Kids Cope When a Beloved Pet Passes On

Many of us know what it’s like to have a pet; you pretty much have an extra family member walking around on all fours. They’re best friends, secret-keepers, little sisters and brothers, guards, constant companions, and givers of unconditional love. As soon as you walk through your front door, their presence alone can heal any of the day’s wearies. So when their time of passing comes, how do you cope?


'I Miss My Best Friend'

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My last pet that passed to the big birdcage in the sky was my lovebird Sweetie; it was a total heartbreak, even after already having lost three dogs, more birds, and a lizard. I wish I had an answer to how to get through it, but perhaps Penelope Lagos does. Lagos, the author of a brand new children’s book, I Miss My Best Friend, teaches youngsters how to deal with losing their cuddly friends. Digital Journal says: 


It is a heart-warming story for children that will help them learn how to deal with the loss of a pet. The book came about after my dog Cassius passed away. I had a difficult time finding resources to help me deal with my broken heart and thought it would be great if I was able to connect with and help others who felt this same loss.


However, she explains to Digital Journal, it’s not just for kiddies. “Even though it’s a children’s book, people of all ages can relate and hopefully take away tips on how to cope with any type of loss.” I do believe she’s right on that. Do you ever notice when losing a pet that sometimes we revert back to childlike sympathy? We face the heartache head on, but we find warm shelter in sweet poems, stories, and illustrations. They let us know that there is still love lingering from these buddies.


Unsurprisingly Lagos gets most of her inspiration from animals.


Humans have been mimicking animals for years and I believe are our greatest teachers. Being able to change someone’s perspective or help them overcome something in their life motivates me to write.


Within the book is a sweet story along with ten steps parents can use to help their children (and/or themselves) to cope. Ten percent of her book sales go to the St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in New Jersey. How perfect. With Sophie Maracchini’s lovely illustrations and Lagos’ use of personal experience, this oughta be a book all pet-lovers have.


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