Oscar Wilde Statue

This Oscar Wilde Themed Bar is the Stuff of Dreams

Who doesn’t want to drink with Oscar Wilde? Now at the Manhattan bar aptly called “Oscar Wilde,” you will have that opportunity. This new bar will be a complete celebration of the Irish writer from the Victorian decor to statues of the author, and, of course, the drink list.


Owners, Tommy Burke and Frank McCole, already run a 19th-century themed bar, Lillie’s, so they already have extensive research in creating a themed bar. “Oscar Wilde,” their next endeavor, plans to open in late June. Once you step inside, you will find statues of the writer, hand-carved marble, painted glass, antique fireplaces, clocks stopped at the time of Wilde’s death, and NYC’s longest continuous bar at 120 feet. The duo spent $4 million on all the pieces that adorn the lavish bar.


Oscar Wilde Bar


Burke and McCole claim that the inspiration for the bar came from the duo growing up in Ireland reading Wilde and developing a shared love for the writer’s work. “We grew up reading Oscar Wilde and studying his literature. We want the bar to celebrate his legacy and become an inclusive destination for all.”


Wilde’s favorite drink choices are also a major part to the environment of the Flatiron bar, including the bar’s signature drink: “Oscar’s Potent Elixer,” which is a combination of the author’s personal favorite cocktails. Mixologist Johny Swet will combine prohibition and Victorian-era cocktails to honor the legacy of Wilde and to celebrate the building that was once the city’s Prohibition Enforcement Center.


Whatever drink you end up choosing, your favorite 19th-Century author will be sitting at the end of the bar waiting for you to join him. 


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Fifty shaed of dorian gray

“50 Shades of Dorian Gray” cocktail



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