'The Guide, Period'

This New Book Is the How-To for ALL Young Girls

To all my ladies in this place, we can all recall those grueling and embarrassing conversations with our mothers when it was that time. Puberty can be a scary yet fulfilling time for boys and girls, but girls face it from a different angle. 


Mothers have some kind of embedded code in them that knows just when to sit us down and explain that moment when a girl becomes a woman. At the time, I was dreading it and wanted to hide, but now I embrace it. If I had this new book I may have seen the facts of life a little differently.


The Camp Gyno

From ‘The Camp Gyno’ Video/ Image Via Youtube


Naama Bloom first broke into the world of the web with her video ‘The Camp Gyno‘ that told the short story of a young girl being the first to get her period at camp. The humorous and relatable video sparked conversation amongst the 12 million people who viewed it. Her sequel to that video called ‘First Moon Party‘ is just as hilarious and loveable. We’ve all been there.


Now, Bloom is breaking through your computer screen and heading straight to the bookshelves. The founder of HelloFlo, a monthly feminine care package, has written a book to get girls ready for their inevitable monthly gift. “My dream is that girls feel very confident in their bodies and feel like they love who they are and how they look and what their body does.” 


The Guide, Period.

Image Via Penguin Random House


HelloFlo: The Guide, Period.: The Everything Puberty Book for the Modern Girl gives a visual aid to girls of all shapes and sizes and even dates back to the feminine trends of the Ancient Egyptians. Feminine history sounds pretty darn cool and so is Bloom’s message.


She wants girls to realize that they don’t have to conform to the images the media pushes forward. Puberty is a sensitive time of change and Bloom’s advice is there for you all the way. She doesn’t sugarcoat and dance around the subject. She jumps right in and gives us lessons that both girls and boys can learn from.


Be afraid no longer, dear adolescents, we are women. Hear us roar!


Feature Image Via Business Betties and Penguin Random House