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This New App Puts Your Local Library in Your Pocket

Meet Libby, an app that lets you borrow and read from your local libraries in three simple steps:


1. Fish out your library card.

2. Open the Libby app.

3. Find your local library and/or browse more than 30,000 libraries in 40+ countries.


Libby App

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This app is a pleasure to use and is available on iOS and Android. Apart from letting you browse, download and stream ebooks, audiobooks and more, it also has a convenient note-taking amenity so that you can save and organize the information you obtain. This makes it perfect for students and teachers. Libby works in conjunction with Overdrive, only it is easier to use, more intuitive and visually, its interface is very aesthetically pleasing.



Inside the App

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The one thing users have found disappointing about the app is that it lacks full accessibility. You are unable to universally search for a particular book, audiobook or ebook across all libraries you are a member of. Instead, you must switch libraries on the app each time. Aside from the app’s search engine, all your books whether they have been borrowed, returned or starred will be available to view on one page in a clear and concise format, as you can see below.




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