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This Map Will Guide You Through the World, According to Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf may not have written adventure novels that sprawl across continents, but she still put a great deal of care in her settings. Often, that setting is London. Of her ten novels, only half take place mostly in London, though all make regular mention of it. If you don’t believe me, take Londonist’s word for it, because they’ve completely mapped out Woolf’s ten novels. Everywhere she mentions gets a little pin on Google Maps, along with a reference to where it was mentioned in which book. Check that map out here!



One thing that immediately sticks out is that, though Woolf is known for her characters’ rich interiority, her books are surprisingly globetrotting. Eight novels make mention of Paris, Rome, and Venice, while Jacob’s Room alone goes through India, Myanmar, and Singapore.


Of course, most of her work takes place in London, but even then you can see some interesting tendencies. For one, Woolf rarely ventures outside of the West End. She mentions the East End only four times and they are mostly depictions of a low quality of life. Still, Woolf is a true Londoner as the map verifies.


Londonist’s breakdown goes into depth on what locations are mentioned with frequency, etc., so check that out here!


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