This Magical Pup Is Trained in Harry Potter Spells!

I know all you Potter fans are always looking for some news about your favorite fandom; you guys are great. And I’m sure that if you love something as magical as Harry Potter, you probably  love, let’s say, dogs too. You know I’m right. Which is why you must check out this wizarding pup blowing up on Twitter.


Voice over, Youtuber, and screen actress Anna Brisbin has trained her daschund, whose name is Remus, in Harry Potter spells. Yes, you heard me. It’s impressive as heck and he has us all wondering how he could possibly be such a good boy. See the video and wizardry for yourself.



How incredible right? I can’t even get my puppy to be housetrained let alone train him to follow elaborate spells. If you can’t get enough, check out his instagram here to follow his puppy wizarding adventures.



Featured Image Via Twitter