This Lovely French Town Inspired ‘Beauty and the Beast’

The original Beauty and the Beast fairytale, published in 1740, was set in France. In the film adaptation of the tale, the small, provincial town that Belle despises and wishes she could leave is actually Conques, France! The picturesque village is where Sarah Greenwood, the Production Designer for the new live-action film, drew inspiration from. The film, set in the 1740s, was definitely reflected in the set design. From the Beast’s castle, reminiscent of the Palace of Versailles, to the cobbled streets of the village. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter,

Greenwood says she aimed to give the look “a touch of reality,” and that started with research trips to France, including a stop at the Chateau de Chambord in the Loire Valley, which they later learned was also visited for inspiration when the 1991 movie was made. Greenwood says she also “cherry picked” inspiration from architecture in additional countries including Germany and Portugal.


Here’s a still from the live-action movie:

And here’s Conques, France! 

I’m packing my bags and am going to sing all of the songs in the town. 


All images courtesy of Buzzfeed