This Literary Drinking Game Will Knock You Off Your Feet


If you’re daring and ready for fun, a drinking game may be a good activity. If you’re all that AND a book-lover, then nothing could be better than gargling a cold one every time your favorite writers do their signature thing. Just don’t go overboard. 


Have a small sip of beer every time…


An Ernest Hemingway sentence is more than six words.


ernie drinks

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Gulp down half a cup of wine if…


Kurt Vonnegut writes “so it goes” in Slaughterhouse-Five.



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Imbibe a toast of whiskey as…


Jane Austen hatches a marriage plot.



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Take a swig of Jack Daniels while…


Someone in an Agatha Christie novel gets poisoned.



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Throw down a shot of tequila when…


Hunter S. Thompson doesn’t do acid in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.



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Throw down TWO shots of tequila when…


F. Scott Fitzgerald has Gatsby use his pool in the Great Gatsby.



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Sober up with some coffee while…


Margaret Wise Brown says “good night” in Good Night Moon.



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