This Library Will Start Leasing Books…And That Actually Seems Cool

Libraries in Fulton County, Georgia (the home of the capital, Atlanta) have been toying with the idea of forerunning a program that would lease certain books to patrons as opposed to using the borrowing system. Apparently some libraries have been using similar systems for well over fifty years, but the release of Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury, a book detailing the inner-workings of Trump’s White House, has been cementing the idea in Atlanta further. 



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Fire and Fury created a massive stir in the world, and libraries have seen the effects first and foremost. Librarians suggest that using a leasing system would allow for them to own far more copies of a book than is typical without spending too much extra money or effort on having them put into circulation. This system would be beneficial when it comes to acquiring new, bestselling books that are in high-demand. Once the hype surrounding these books dies down, the libraries won’t be left with multiple copies that won’t be borrowed. Librarians say that these leftover copies would be sent and sold to bookshops, or put up for donation.


fire and fury

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In addition to benefitting the budget of the libraries, this leasing system would also benefit the loyal patrons. As is natural, when hype circles around any sort of book, movie, or television show, the amount of people wanting to experience said medium increases as well. The leasing system would essentially lower the amount of time people are entitled to borrow books, and would also disable them from the opportunity to renew the books they leased out. This system would give other readers the opportunity to experience the worlds that inhabit the pages within two book covers. 


We’ll see if such a system works out in a major city, and perhaps we can see such efforts being extended to smaller libraries as well. While the book borrower would indeed have to pay a decent price for the high-profile book they’re leasing, the proceeds would help provide the libraries some extra revenue. And keeping libraries alive should be a priority for everyone!




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